L 50 Kerian Sizer

Used L 50 Kerian Sizer, 54" wide. The belt is 60".

Incline Conveyor

Incline Conveyor, incline grader feeder 54" wide.

M 30 Kerian Sizer

Used M 30 Kerian Sizer

Model 1693 Electrobagger

We can now update your model 1693 electro-bagger with new controls shown here

Used Daumar PA-25D

One(1) Used Daumar PA-25D Weighing Machine and Two(2) Used CB-67 Wicket Bagging Machines

Mini Bagger available with tilt pan and standard bag holder

EDP mini-bagger available with tilt pan and standard bag holder.

ERC Onion Topper

Used ERC Onion Topper model KS85-2

  • ERC KS85-2
  • Has no garbage belt.
  • New blades and grates.
  • Shaker motors rebuilt last year 

Mini Bagger

Used Minibagger

Electrobagger Model AB2110DF
Used Electrobagger Model AB2110DF
Used Minibagger
Used Minibagger